Are your premises or home at risk of being flooded?

5 million UK homes out of a total of 28 million, and 300,000 businesses, are at risk of flood damage, according to the latest estimates from the Environment Agency and the UK Insurance community.

A greater number of the properties affected will find it more difficult to secure flood protection insurance cover as the risks increase and the insurance industry is no longer obliged to provide flood damage cover.

Central government, the Environment Agency and insurers all stress the need for businesses and home owners to take constructive steps to protect their premises against the ravages of flooding.

Wall2Wall Dam construction creates an effective flood barrier


As 75% of all damage to property is caused by surface water entering a building through doorways, the Wall2Wall Dam has been developed to provide an efficient seal over those entry points. It is a flexible and cost-effective solution that protects doorways of all sizes, from residential front doors to French Windows to similar access points onindustrial premises.

Wall2Wall Dams can be supplied in lengths and heights to protect all types of property from homes to hospitals, and schools to factories.

Once the threat of flooding has passed, a Wall2Wall Dam is dismounted, made ready for the next bout of flooding and stored nearby. It takes just a few minutes to return a Wall2Wall Dam to a fully operational state.

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